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2017-Jul-10   ::   (0 comments)

Planting 1 Millon trees a month

TreeSisters wants to grow a global network of women and to co-create a campaign that helps rebalance our taking from Earth, with giving back every month by funding fast growing tropical trees where they’re needed the most.


Bio Boden Logo

2017-May-31   ::   (0 comments)

BioBoden Cooperative

The BioBoden cooperative was established in April 2015 to secure more land for environmentally friendly agriculture which conserves resources. It acquires land as well as farms which are for sale and leases them to organic farmers on a longterm basis at an affordable price.


Plastic bag ban

2017-Mar-19   ::   (0 comments)

More countries ban plastic bags

More and more countries see the need to ban plastic bags as many of the bags are not recycled and instead litter landscapes, pollute oceans or waterways. Plastic and the way it decomposes is one of the mayor problems of our time.


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