Wall painting Olinda, Brazil

We can start to change little things in our everyday life, so they contribute to and promote a sustainable development. The more people decide to do this on a personal level, the bigger the impact will be!

No secrets

If you find something that you think makes a difference, tell us, your friends, your family and your neighbours. If you tell ten people, who each tell ten others then pretty soon we'll be making a real difference!

A real gift

Stuck for presents? Why not give membership of WWF, Greenpeace, or another green organisation, a subscription to the Ecologist magazine or buy an acre of rainforest or a stewardship for a protected animal.



Plant a tree
Hands holding a little tree

Every tree counts. One single tree produces about 40 kg of oxygen a day and uses up around 56 kg CO2 in the process. It evaporates 400l of water, cleans the air from dust, gives shade and reduces noise. Just choose a space in your garden or ask someone who owns a garden or even a forest if you can plant there. There are so many spaces to do it. And you get to go outside, get some fresh air and have some fun. You can even go with your family or some friends and organize a planting-session. You can get trees and tips on how to plant best at your local tree nursery. If you don't have the time you can donate to non-profit organizations like the ones below, so they plant for you.

United Nations "Billion Tree Campaign"

Tree Planting

What does your money support?

Pay attention to where your money goes and how it’s being used. For example, if you invest in an ethical unit trust, your money is pooled with that of others and used to buy shares in companies that have a good track record of looking after their employees and the environment.

Our banked money represents the power to invest, and what we invest in shapes our future. I don’t know about you, but I want my money to be put into things that I want more of, like renewable energy or fairtrade initiatives, and not into things I want less of, like oil companies, airlines or companies using child labour.

Green banks promote things like:

* forest preservation
* water production
* responsible farming practices
* recycling
* eco-tourism
* loans to displaced timber workers to help them start environmentally friendly businesses
* help for low-wage earners to purchase homes
* community education and mentoring programs

And, during the financial crisis the "green" banks had much lower or no losses while the big ones were losing billions.

Rathbone Greenbank Investment

ShoreBank Pacific

The Cooperative Bank UK

Join an NGO and support the cause

Obviously not everyone can go out and become an activist, physically engaging in protecting our environment. But you can still support those people who fight for a better future for all of us and all our children. Just join one of the organisations doing the job, every Euro you can spare counts.