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We spend many hours of our days in the office. Here, too, there are lots of possibilities to reduce the harm we cause with our actions on the environment as much as possible.

Corporate Responsibility
Logo 1 % for the Planet

1% For The Planet is a growing global alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. If you own a business, why not join this alliance for a better future?

1% for the Planet

No rainforest in the office

Nowhere we use as much paper as in offices. For the same price as traditional paper you can buy recycling paper or paper with the FSC seal to make sure no rainforest tree had to die for your Memo.

Worldwide, a space as large as 30 soccer fields of rainforest are destroyed every minute, estimated every 5th tree because of the pulp which is used for the production of paper and hygienic paper. If everyone would start using recycling paper, there could be three million hectare of forests saved every year!

Paperless Office - Think before you print

Very often we print things that we don't need. New printers allow double faced prints, which reduce the paper used by half. Printed pages that aren't used can be used as notepads. This saves money, trees and energy.

Turn the lights off

In meeting rooms, toilets and offices light should only be turned on when used. It's a small thing to just turn lights off and will save energy.

Presents for your clients that are useful and tax-deductible

Every Christmas, companies think about what to give their clients as gift. Every client will be happy if you give some money in their name to a charitable organisation, instead of some plastic junk they don't need.